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Do you know of the Simpsons Tapped Out Cletus Corn Cheat? Yes, there is a way that you can cheat in tapped out and getTapped Out Cheats free donuts and tapped out moneys. If you want to carry out the Cletus corn cheat in tapped out, there are two ways in which you can do it. The two ways however provide different results as you shall find out below. Here are the two ways:

1. Tapped Out Cletus Corn Money Cheat

Yes, you can use tapped out cletus corn cheat to get extra moneys in the game. Here are the steps that will help you achieve this:

  • First, you start by planting corn at the Cletus farm.
  • Once you have planted corn, wait for your counter to hit 89 days and 23 hours.
  • When the counter hits the time given above, start visiting your tapped out friends.
  • Ensure that you visit as many friends as you possibly can.
  • While visiting the friends, ensure that you tap on the Cletus’ farms.
  • Once done, tap on your farm and you will get unlimited tapped out dollars.

2. Tapped Out Cletus Corn Donuts Cheats

There is a glitch in the Simpsons tapped out that will ensure that you get an unlimited number of tapped out donuts in the game. What you will need to do is to follow the simple steps below:

  • Start of by planting Corn in the Cletus’ farm.
  • Once you have planted Cletus Corn, this tapped out glitch will need your patience as you wait for the Corn to be ready for harvesting. This is a process that will take ninety days to be completed.
  • Once the Corn is ready, it is time to execute your Cletus corn tapped out cheat.
  • Implement the cheat by tapping on Cletus ten times. This will give you a hundred tapped out donuts.
  • To get unlimited tapped out donuts, tap on Cletus again and again as much as you want. Every time you do ten taps, you will get a hundred free donuts.

Other Cheats in The Simpsons Tapped Out

There are many other cheats in the Simpsons tapped out game due to the many tapped out glitches. OneĀ  of the most famous cheat for getting free tapped out donuts is to rely on the small rewards you will get in your game as you level up. Every tapped out level comes with a free donut and the faster you level up, the better for you.

Do you know of any other working Simpsons tapped out Cletus Corn cheats? If you do, post them here and let us share them with the rest of the tapped out game fans.

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