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The joy of playing tapped out is having friends. There is so much to know about your tapped The Simpsons Tapped Out Gameout friends. If you still don’t know how to add friends, then read out Tapped Out: Add Friends post. Adding friend on the Simpsons tapped out is not a complicated task as you will discover.

It simply involves simple steps that you can easily follow up from the post provided. Here is more that you will be interested to know about friends in the Simpsons: Tapped out game:

  • There are thousands of tapped out friends to add: Because tapped out is one of the top games on the app store, there are thousands of fans out there playing the game and waiting for you to add them as friends. There are many threads for those willing to be your friends and the best way to find the best friend is to go through threads and select the latest post of those willing to be your friends as older posts have most likely found friends.
  • Earn Monet From Visiting Friends:  When you get tapped out friends, you will earn money through their visits. The best way is to maximize earnings from visiting friends. The question therefore is how to maximize the money you will earn from visiting friends. The strategy for this is simple; you will simply receive bonuses from the friends you visit without heading back to your Springfield. This will cause the application to crash and make you leave the app.
  • Friends Can Disappear! When your Tapped Out friends disappear, it means you cannot see them in the game play. When this happen, you should not panic as it may simply a malfunctioning of the server. When the server is back and running, you will see your friends again. However, if the problem persists, visit our Simpson’s Tapped Out Help section for more information. It is also possible that your friends stopped playing tapped out and are not logging into the game anymore. The solution sometimes therefore is achieved by simply deleting inactive friends and adding some more friends!
  • Friends are fun to have around: There are those pranks that you can play on friends, there are those fun things you would do with your tapped out friends and there are those times when you get stuck and your tapped out friends are the ones to help you out.

Is there something you know about friends in the Simpsons tapped out game that we know not of? If there is some tapped out friends secrets that you would love to add to this post, then post it here and we shall make sure that we publish it so that the rest of tapped out friends fans can know.

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