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As much as there are many other tapped out buildings covered in our blog, there are some unique tapped out buildingsTapped Out Updates that this buildings guide will cover. These are unique because they are often found at later stages in the game.  Here are the said tapped out buildings:

  • Tapped Out White House

The tapped out white house will cost seven thousand and seven hundred dollars. It is Lisa who prompts the building of white house immediately after the school building is finished.

  • Tapped Out Gulp ‘N’ Blow Building.

Once tapped out white house has been built, Homer will initiate the building of the Simpsons tapped out Gulp ‘N’ Blow. Here are the events initiating this building:

–   Homer goes into Krusty burger for thirty minutes.

–  Homer then initiates the building of gulp ‘n’ blow which takes thirteen thousand, five hundred dollars to build.

  • Tapped Out Willie’s Shack

Even though the Simpsons tapped out Willie’s Shark will cost $12,000 to build, there are three main tapped out challengers that will initiate the Willie’s shack:

–   Tapped out Skinner has to cross guard and this challenge takes four hours to complete.

–  Tapped out Lisa and Milhouse school challenge where they have to go to school for six hours. This tapped out quest will only be availed after Skinner completes the Simpsons tapped out crossing guard quest.

–  Once the two quests are done perform the Skinner monitor halls challenge. This challenge will take twelve hours to complete after which you will now build the Willie’s shack and Willie wax floors for the next 24 hours..

  • Tapped Out Cooling Towers.

The Cooling towers will cost $15,000 and will be build when Apu initiates its building. The building is assisted by Homer and Lisa.

  •  Tapped Out Reactor Core

Once building the Simpsons Tapped Out Cooling Towers is completed, Mr. Burns will initiate the building of tapped out reactor core. The reactor core will cost $18,500 to build.

  • Tapped Out Control Building

Again, it is Mr. Burns to prompt the construction of the control building and this happens once the reactor core is complete. The sequence of events is:

–  Homer will have to work at the plant for sixteen hours.

–  Once Homer is done with his work, you will be notified that Tapped Out Marge and Bart are not yet available in your game play.

–  Mr. Burns will then spend four hours reading from the necronomicon.

  • Tapped Out Kwik-E-Mart #2

The Simpsons Tapped Out Kwik-E-Mart costs 20,000 tapped out dollars and is only available at the twelfth level. The tapped out Krusty Burger #2 is also available on only level fourteen of tapped out game play and costs 24,000 tapped out cash.

  • Tapped Out  Bart’s Treehouse

This is an instant build house house and costs 25,000 tapped out cash. The build can be done after Lisa and Milhouse go to school for six hours.  You can also spend four hours to complete the Bart skateboard for four hours. Bart will also skip school for eight hours and you will be needed to keep skinner free during this period.

  • The Simpsons Tapped Out Springfield Library

The Springfield library is worth 20,500 tapped out cash and it is the tapped out principal Skinner who prompts the building of this library.

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